Breathing Air Compressor, air cooled, 3 staged, oil lubricated, manufactured by PARAMINA, model NOTUS, N10-ET Open 4kW/400-440V/50-60Hz (upon request), suitable for all shipping, diving and fire-fighting applications, with CE certificate.

Standard Equipment;

  • Micronic Air Inlet
  • Condensate Separator after 2nd
  • Large Stainless Steel Intercoolers & aftercooler at all
  • Large fan (400mm ) for optimum cooling of cylinders, intercoolers & aftercoolers, making the compressor capable for continuous operation.
  • Combined BA Filter Ø80Χ535 including Coalescing Pre-filter (0,5mg/m3 oil residual) and 2 x (Active Carbon / Molecular Sieve cartridge) Ø42Χ180 cartridges, with the supply of absolutely clean air exceeding by far the requirements of EN 12021:2014.
  • Pressure maintaining valve & non-return valve allowing for safe, efficient & extended
  • Direct On Line starting system (DOL)
  • Start/Stop
  • Motor thermal overload
  • Manual Condensate Drains
  • One (1) Kevlar* Filling hose – 1,2m length, complete with DIN & INT’L ‘‘A’’ filling

*Kevlar hoses are manufactured with very strong & resistant material and are pin pricked for air relief in atmosphere in case of damage.

  • Safety Valves in all
  • Inter-stage manometers
  • Final Stage glycerin manometer 400
  • Built-In Vibration
  • Automatic belt tensioning
  • Handles for easy lifting


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